Young Mothers "Come On, The Cross" 7inch

by Fort Lowell Records

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The music of Young Mothers, lead by singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist Zachary Bennett Toporek, calls back to a time before "pop" became a dirty word, when ambitious songwriters armed with melodies, chops and sincerity reached for something more than the stale ambivalence that prevails on the increasingly depressing radio dial. Young Mothers' self-released debut, Arts & Crafts, won over listeners in 2008, showcasing their ambitious talent and penchant for undeniable hooks.

"Come On, The Cross" b/w "Good Swords," Young Mothers' debut single for Fort Lowell Records, exhibits a remarkable progression, retaining the charm of Art & Crafts while moving into even more exciting territory. The "evil-'Hey Jude'" vibe of "Come On, The Cross" finds Toporek and Young Mothers tossing "Under Pressure" style glam rock on its head, sure-footedly mixing classic sounds with modern indie-rock flair. "Good Swords" is no less distinct, with Toporek's multi-tracked voice offering hymn-like grace. "Come On, The Cross" is an ambitious step forward from Arts & Crafts, and likely an exciting precursor to the Young Mothers' next release.

Previous Press Accolades for Young Mothers

"Young Mothers... is the simple intersection where a moody Elliott Smith guitar crashes into the chipper sounds of a Weezer melody." - I Guess I'm Floating

"Young Mothers are a band to watch, and their strong suit is definitely their unplugged set. Lead singer / songwriter Zach Toporek has a killer range and is eerily wise beyond his years." - Tucson Weekly


released April 20, 2010

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