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This Water is Life, Vol. III

by Sheme of Gold // cydaddy

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I’m too Pablo to go pop tho, more Escobar than Picaso Fat mushroom caps and art hoes My style ain’t boom bap, it’s art trap Pouring mud in my Malbec The sun settin’, now it’s time to leave the house to hit the paper chase Amazing Race to keep my pockets straight Two gold chains like I’m Shabba Ranks, in the Cutlass while I’m switchin’ lanes Still the same, turning down job offers every other day I told Heather, she like “Damn, maybe you should change,” But I can’t Won’t be long before I raise the price I’m brazy nice, if I was down, I’d be flying kites I got the keys to a better way of life, 30 bitches like I’m Heidi Fleiss And I keep ‘em all ‘cause I ain’t never been the flighty type Chef by day, but at night I turn into Jesus Christ You get blinded by the lights when my chains on Different day, but it’s the same song Trunk full of bud, I don’t see a thing wrong Still sellin’ P’s, I got hella felonies Been this way since I was 17 Strollin’ down the River Walk, can’t even drink the water They got me on conspiracy, but that’s another story Never worried, keep a pistol in my undergarments Super clean Ketamine, don’t say I didn’t warn ya Snitchin niggas on my paperwork County jain, they brought ‘em in the cell, snuffed ‘em when I saw ‘em Million dollar bail, lips sealed, Imma need a lawyer Trafficked heroin before I ever owned a car Never done nothin’ wrong, I’m not a saint, it’s Sheme the God
I met you down at BSMNT with your camera on Bitch, you tryna shoot a video? I knew around this time you had a man But I was ‘bout to move to Wilmy, I ain’t know where I was stayin’ and man You had the pasties on your nipples They was lookin’ soft n suckle, and damn I wanna suck ‘em, and ahhhhh You got a mind like the deep end, make me wanna dive deep in It’s funny how we linked at the art show, When I was just tellin’ B. Heim I love art hoes You put your number in my phone And I know we out in public, but this blunt gettin’ sparked thoooooooough You got a face like a Greek goddess Me and you like Marcelous and Ms. Wallace ‘23 Mickey and Mallory, in the drop top causin’ problems And I know it’s just the first night, but that’s word on my Pops, you gon’ be my first wife, aight Have I missed out the whole time, livin’ life at the goal line Usually I wait until there’s no time, but your vibe just made a nigga get so suave So I hit it one more time, then I left for a class that I dropped out I got too many problems to take on yours And you don’t even know me at all Don’t cry of over me, why you fuckin’ up your makeup for I would wish you the best, but it probably was me I’m not the type of nigga that you take up for I’m not the type of nigga that you wait up for This the type of shit that people break up for And not to mention, bitch I got too many problems to take on yours And you don’t even know me at all See you got yours, but I don’t got nothin’ at all So please stop callin’ my phone I’m not tryna… [gunshots]
Bad bitch I’m boning, Benzos I’m on em Pulled up with the chopper like, Lorenzo Lamas Rap game Tan Sanders, keep the stick in the fanny Always stick to the script, so I got me some me some Xannies On god i ain't swerving, i got pounds in this ‘Burban Got em all in the trash bag, and I'm not even nervous Ain’t studying’ bitches, I got a bitch and she perfect Gave the lawyer everything a nigga had, it was worth it Triple Beam on the table, this flower [flour] ain’t All Purpose Nigga hit me with counterfeits, next week he was murdered (Uh, can’t talk about that…chill) Yeah Rap Game Tan Sanders, Off-White Ned Flanders In home studio, I rap and trap in pajamas I wrote this for yo mama, she probably seen me on campus Fireman, fireman, I drop on Christmas like Krampus Ain’t no crampin’ my style, I’ll hit your ass with this hammer Ain’t no Mario Kart, bitch you get hit with bananas Bought some Yeezys on accident, I’ll just keep and relax ‘em (Aw fuck) Too many new faces, I’m nervous Come down with Xannies for certain Please don’t contest me, I’m certain You’ll meet your maker, them hearses Slide like Chevy Suburbans, I put them bundles on Center Street Police know, they seeing me He’s a problem, get ‘em off the streets to solve ‘em They beat a plea, come up off ‘em But it ain’t never no talkin’, pig ain’t never get me to speak I’m the centerpiece of the squadron, so we can eat Off the backs of the city fiends, always got it, they need a piece That pump shot a kid, on a mission, I sweep the streets I heard your bitch be choosin’ [consensually asked] her to suck me to sleep I beat the pot to pieces, whippin porcelain Liquor fuckin’ up my organs, Got some problems I can’t solve so seek forgiveness from my lord Preachers preach, the sirens ring, another mother lost her son To discover that the streets of gold can’t satisfy the hunger Of a youngin’ from the gutter, always tryin’ to fill the void So evil gain control, jump off the porch and hit the block runnin’ I was only 15 when I bust that Smith & Wesson That little boy done tried to check him, in the A I had to wreck him I was 17 sippin’ Tek while y’all was Qualitestin’ All these drugs that I’m ingesting, I ain’t never injected So let me tell you, that boy 5 been a issue since I crawled up out my mama’s tissue On y’all’s ass like Granny took the switch to Shouts out Tan Sanders, been my dawg since the jit Watch me grow from musician into a muh’ fuckin’ menace BENZOS I’M ON ‘EM BENZOS I’M ON ‘EM BENZOS I’M ON ‘EM BENZOS I’M ON ‘EM BENZOS I’M ON ‘EM BENZOS I’M ON ‘EM BENZOS I’M ON ‘EM BENZOS I’M ON ‘EM BENZOS I’M ON ‘EM GO CRAZYYY CHICAGO BENZOS I’M ON ‘EM BENZOS I’M ON ‘EM BENZOS I’M ON ‘EM BENZOS I’M ON ‘EM BENZOS I’M ON ‘EM BENZOS I’M ON ‘EM BENZOS I’M ON ‘EM
I stay tipsy and been busy, fuck wit me I pull more strings than Thin Lizzy I’m dedicated, medicated, slangin’ packs ‘cause I ain’t never made it Shoot the shot, I never hesitated Niggas celebratin’, I’m in the kitchen whippin’, this ain’t bacon I made some money off the books, don’t ask me what I’m makin’ Back in ‘06, I took the work from Mix and slayed it I’m takin bud out to the bricks a lot of niggas hated Back when I used to Boosie Fade it I was trappin’ out the trailer, nigga look what I created I get the pack and split with la familia Fuck around and cut her off ‘fore she get too familiar Smokin killa, my mama know that I’m a dealer That’s why I hit her with some money every time I see her Used to resent ‘cause I felt like she should be given’ me some But fuck it, that’s the way it is so Imma make sure she’s good I came a long way from trappin’ out my mom’s condo On Harris Street, I would trip in the back with Sancho Young OJ, I should cop the Ford Bronco Your boy stay connected, you can call me dongle OG Max Mozingo hanging over the door frame The whole thing gone, ain’t had it but 4 days 250 a zip, for a pound, that’s 4k I’m out on the beach with a bitch and some Bombay Just another day, but it feels the same I can see the light through my window pane I came up, nigga, and the price got raised Moved out to Wilmy and I bought nice things Got knocked off, but I bounced right back My nigga K hit me off with the pack Doin’ numbers in my dope runners Homie got the coke so it's gon’ be a cold summer Don’t ever hit me tryna ask if you can hold something I’ll bring it to your front door, nigga, no frontin’ You get a better deal if you cop the whole onion Try to play me, Imma beat you like you stole something Cold Crush a classic, Wine Stains a classic, Chill Pills a classic, every Boothin’ classic You can smell it through the fuckin’ plastic I’m forever trappin’, real rap, no cap, nigga
You leave me here Smiling from my ear to my ear It’s been so long since I’ve felt my worth Cause I feel like nothing ever changes in my life When everybody looks the same I’ve got some places left to go I just hope that you’re thinkin about me In a way that makes you happy my love Colorblind in a white room, yea And I know that you’re gonna doubt me babe I just wish the best for all the people I hug I’ve got nothin’ more to say I’ll save it for a rainy day You find me here Crying from my gear to my gear It’s been so hard hearing all these words Cause I feel like nothing ever changes in my mind When everybody thinks the same way I’ve got some spaces left to go I just hope that you’re thinkin’ about me In a way that makes you happy my love Colorblind in a white room And I know that you’re gonna doubt me babe I just wish the best for all the people I hug I got nothin’ more to say I’ll save it for a rainy day
Jane The fact that you are leaving is insane You know that once you leave all these things will never be the same You helped me fly with Zachary I would still like to have a cup of breakfast tea Just to hear you speak And soon you will be gone But i wrote this song And we can sing hey isn’t she great And when you fly away we’ll think about today At least we could live it up Don’t wait Jane You know in the Bay Area it’s going to rain You know that once you leave all these things will never feel the same You brought the inner Claudio You had people fighting to sit on the front row Just to see your plays And soon you will be gone But i wrote this song And we can sing hey isn’t she great! And when you fly away we’ll think about today At least we could live it up Don’t wait Don’t wait Jane
We can go swimmin’, we can feed the sharks anything And I don’t need a little bird to tell me what to sing I can go hard, I’m not afraid to show the scars If you want I can take you in my backyard We’re swimmin’ in the sound tonight We’re swimmin’ in the sound tonight Bring your friends, wait don’t bother Anytime you know you can holler and tell me so Bring your friends, or wait don’t bother Anytime you know you can holler and tell me so Well I am not afraid to communicate Early in the conversation we heavily relate Firmly in the constellation it’s strong but it’s strange That I don’t have to act deranged Every time of day Just say hello Get it started Let it go I can go hard I’m not afraid to play my part If you want I’ll let you into my heart We can break some ground tonight Wait don’t bother Anytime you know you can holler and tell me so Wait don’t bother Anytime you know you can holler and tell me so


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FOR FANS OF (cydaddy): Beck, Big Star, Bill Callahan, Vic Chesnutt, Color Temperature, Good Morning, Mac DeMarco, Duster, Flaming Lips, Alex G, Horse Jumper of Love, JPW, Lambchop, My Morning Jacket, Wilco, Neil Young


This Water is Life is a self-sustained and ongoing series of split EPs with two express purposes: to highlight new hip-hop / indie rock music from Southeastern North Carolina, as well as to provide a platform for Cape Fear River Watch and Coastal Plain Conservation Group to deliver up-to-date authoritative reports on the health of the Cape Fear River Basin for both human beings and wildlife.

Ever since our forebears crawled up out of the water and drew their first breath, our – which is to say human and animal (and for that matter, plant) – experience has never strayed too far from its life-sustaining force. This water IS life. It will continue to be. But what kind of life? Threats to that water are, in turn, threats to the very life it supports.

Inspired by photography focused on water in urban landscapes against a backdrop of the evolving GenX (PFAS) water pollution problem in the Wilmington, NC / Cape Fear region, This Water is Life is a local multimedia, multi-platform project. It takes what Fort Lowell Records does best – put out and promote killer indie music of varied stripes – and fuses it with photography and other visual arts alongside river and wildlife advocacy. The goal is a virtuous circle contained within an intended series of records. Packaged together, musical and visual artists from the Port City combined with a separate, serialized and locally-specific environmental message gives rise to the future promotion of other local music acts and further advocacy.

Volume III features Sheme of Gold and cydaddy.

Hip-Hop: Sheme of Gold
Sheme of Gold is an artist born and raised in Goldsboro, North Carolina, who relocated to Wilmington to attend culinary school in 2019, six months before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. His unique style of hip hop is nostalgic and psychedelic, which grabs the listeners attention right away. His stories shed light on the struggles he’s endured and the confidence and braggadocio it takes to make a man of this stature.

Indie Rock: cydaddy
cydaddy is a solo recording project for singer-songwriter / multi-instrumentalist Cyrus Goudarzi. Cyrus’s musical journey started in high school exploring home recording and sneaking around local shows in Wilmington, North Carolina. After an album release in 2010, his musical journey continued to Chicago, Illinois, where he would fill in rotating lineups for the next several years. Following, cydaddy was a leading member of local salt rock outfit Reef Blower. Unquestionably, cydaddy is a product of his environment in the wildlife of the southeastern coast and has a heavy heart for the natural habitats that have shaped his years.

Just as clean water helps sustain life on Earth and here in the ILM, your purchase of this record fosters the work of not only hip hop, indie rock and visual artists in Wilmington but advances the advocacy of groups seeking to protect and preserve water and wildlife in the region. This water is life.


released December 1, 2023

Fort Lowell Records


Liner Notes by:
- Cape Fear River Watch [Human Beings]
- Coastal Plain Conservation Group [Wildlife]

Cover photograph by Josh Putnam
Band Photographs by shrk_bait
B-Side Artwork by Ben Billingsley

In partnership with:
- Cape Fear River Watch: capefearriverwatch.org
- Coastal Plain Conservation Group: coastalplainconservationgroup.org

This Water is Life is brought to you buy:
- Fortis Builders
- Gravity Records: gravityrecordsnc.com
- Persephone's Farm: persephonesfarm.com
- Satellite Bar & Lounge: facebook.com/satellitebarandlounge

Thanks to:
- Dock Street Printing: dockstreetprinting.com
- Josh Putnam Photography: instagram.com/josh.putnam/
- Ben Billingsley Art: instagram.com/benjamin_billingsley_art
- shrk_bait Photography: instagram.com/shrk_bait


all rights reserved



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